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Frame Bag FAQs

If this page does not answer your questions then please get in touch via the button below.

Mounting options

Lace-Up provides a slightly more secure fit; that is, the Frame Bag will "sag" a bit less than with a Velcro system.
If you would like a combination of both as shown in the middle photo above, please specify in the notes.

The Lace-Up method however is more time-consuming to mount to the bike, so if you will be regularly taking the bag on and off then Velcro is probably the smarter option.

Either option is suitable for all bikes.

Lace-up vs Velcro

Current Fabrics available


How long is the wait time on custom frame bags?

How do you calculate the cost?

Roughly four weeks including postage.
Please get in touch if you're heading off on a trip soon, as I can often shorten this turnaround time.

Each bag is unique and I will therefore provide a quote before we go ahead and commit to anything. Factors that determine the price include the addition of internal pockets, the materials chosen (multiple colours will increase the cost slightly), the shape, and more. The prices mentioned are guidelines and are for single colour bags, with no special frills. I look forward to working with you to make the perfect bag for your bike!.

Will my frame bag be waterproof?

No. However, the contents tend to stay fairly dry if the bike is standing up and not laying down. The materials are waterproof but the seams are not taped or sealed and water can enter through them in persistent rain. 

Zips used are water resistant coated zips. To prolong the life of them, keep the teeth clean, don't overload the bag, and don't be forceful opening or closing them!

I ride with my knees very close in to the frame. Will a frame bag be annoying and constantly rub on my knees?

Does the bag have a water bladder hose port?

Can I order from overseas?

Frame bags are sewn to be roughly 5cm wide. They can be sewn to be narrower if you like. Please specify this in the details when ordering. You will probably be surprised at how slim the frame bags are, and unless you pack it to the brim it won't bulge too much

Yes. Please contact me for a postage quote before ordering.


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